Belgian Timber Trade
Belgian Timber Trade
Belgian Timber Trade
Belgian Timber Trade
Belgian Timber Trade
Belgian Timber Trade

Belgian Timber Trade BV or B.T.T. BV is a wood importer that specializes in African wood species.

Belgian Timber Trade BV attaches great importance to the following pillars:

  • Quality
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Service

The European market has been evolving very quickly in recent years, ecology is a pillar on which more and more emphasis is placed.

Where 'tropical hardwood' increasingly acquired a negative emotional value, we believe that this is just not necessary.

During the visits to African sawmills, forests, etc. it soon became clear that sustainable management is the answer to the many problems in other regions.

After all, wood is one of the few solutions for the many shortages of raw materials, but only if biodiversity, forest management, working conditions and many others are treated with respect.

B.T.T. BV is fully responding to this ecological revolution and believes in a strongly in-depth investigation into legality.

We aspire to even take on a pioneering role here.

Over the years, B.T.T. BV is also committed to investigating the 'lesser known species' and possibly integrating them into its import story.

Het promoten en verhandelen van ‘Lesser known species’ ofwel ‘minder bekende houtsoorten’ is een van de vele sleutels die de biodiversiteit ten goede komt.

B.T.T. BV gaat niet alleen in gesprek met zagerijen betreffende legaliteit, de bedrijfsbezoeken zijn hierbij ook cruciaal.

We always try to investigate legality as far as possible in the chain.

If there are not enough guarantees on the many pillars of B.T.T BV, we will not trade with this sawmill.

What types of wood do we do:

  • Padoek
  • Afzelia
  • Afrormosia
  • Tali
  • Bilinga
  • Azobé
  • Niové


Belgian Timber Trade is FSC gecertificeerd en PEFC gecertificeerd.

Responsible Sourcing Policy

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